Welcome to Manacowin School !


The staff of Manacowin School looks forward to working with you, your parents and guardians, to make Manacowin a place where good things happen.

Manacowin is not an end but a new beginning for you. The purpose of Manacowin School is to assist you in dealing with your personal behaviors, improve your academic skills and prepare you for integration into a regular school and/or the workplace.

At Manacowin we operate under four basic principles. By following these principles as best we can, we hope to create a positive and relaxed climate in the school. This will allow you the freedom to make mistakes, learn from them and to grow personally and academically.

  • Treat others with respect.
  • Accept responsibility for your own actions.
  • Keep trying, never give up.
  • Ask questions, of yourself and others.

It is your attitude and the choices you make that will determine how effectively you begin to deal with the issues that have resulted in your being in Manacowin School. Take time to read the section on "Attitude".

Your attitude will be the most important factor in your success at Manacowin.